Ten Tips To Make Your Simple Burger A Lot Better For You

Do you love a good burger? Go ahead and splurge, but consider some ways that you can make your burger a bit better for you, without compromising the flavor and experience of this beloved food. Ten ways to make your burger a bit more healthful are: Skip the cheese. Have the burger, but skip the cheese. Cheese made from cow's milk can actually cause some to experience breakouts and acne due to the sugars in dairy. Read More 

4 Easy Ways Restaurant Meals Can Replace Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Cooking on Thanksgiving is often hours of work. From preparing the turkey itself to a number of side-dishes, it can become an exhausting day. To help cut back on some of that preparation, you can rely on a local restaurant. By purchasing some appetizers and side dishes in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, you can have a memorable meal without so much preparation. The following four side dishes can be found at a variety of restaurants and can make a delicious addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. Read More 

Canadian Food You Must Try: The Donair

Canadian food is a mix of many cultures including French, Italian, and American cuisine. When visiting the country, and specifically Nova Scotia, you have the opportunity to enjoy a food tradition only known to the local area. The donair is a specialty beef that has Turkish roots and is prepared in a variety of ways. Learn about the origins of the donair and different ways to enjoy the delicious and unique Canadian cuisine. Read More