Why Is Barbecue Such A Good Cuisine For Catered Events?

If you want to have an event catered, you'll soon notice that a lot of catering companies serve barbecue cuisine. They may each have their own twist on it, but the staples tend to be the same — pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and a great selection of sides like mac-n-cheese and beans. So, what makes barbecue such a popular option for catered events? Here are a few of its advantages. Read More 

Reasons To Go To A Dine-In Family Restaurant

Dine-in family restaurants come in so many types, that there is something for everyone. There are times when you will find it best to have your meals at home with the family sitting at your own dining table. However, there may also be plenty of other times when you may want to take the family to a dine-in family restaurant. Here are some examples of times when you may want to go to a dine-in restaurant instead of cooking at home:  Read More 

4 Tips For Catering A Large Event

If you are putting on a large event, such as a wedding or celebration of life, and you are working with a catering service, there are some tips you should keep in mind to ensure that you get the food right for your event. Tip #1: Confirm Your Guest Count First, you are going to want to confirm your guest count. If this is an event you are planning in advance, you can get a rough headcount for the event and then get a more precise count closer to the event. Read More 

5 Vegetarian Options When Going Out For Japanese

When you are invited out to Japanese food, as a vegetarian, you will not want to turn down the invitation. There are lots of foods that you can enjoy as a vegetarian at a Japanese restaurant. Option #1: Mochi Mochi is a type of dense rice cake. It can be prepared as either a grilled or fried dish. It is a warm dish that is often served with a little something extra, such as radish and leeks, making this a great vegetarian dish that is warm and tasty. Read More 

Want Pizza Tonight? 4 Tips For Ordering Pizza

One of the best meals to enjoy on a busy night is a hot pizza from your favorite delivery place. A nice steaming hot piece of pizza with melted cheese can hit the spot. However, when it comes to ordering pizza for dinner, you can do a few things to enhance the order and delivery process. 1. Know What You Want When you call the restaurant, you should have already looked over the menu online and know what you want. Read More